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Hottest Weatherwomen Alive

The Internet Is Freaking Out About This Mexican Weatherwoman BY ANDY ISAAC • 06.24.15 Meet Yanet Garcia, a weatherwoman for Televisa Monterrey in Mexico. Garcia has become the talk of the Internet over the last month, generating thousands of tweets and posts on social media.Can you remember the five day forecast ?  

Donald Trump is running for president

Real-estate mogul and television personality Donald Trump announced his 2016 presidential campaign Tuesday morning. “Ladies and gentlemen, I am officially running for president of the United States, and we are going to make our country great again!” Trump said. The Republican businessman made the announcement at the namesake Trump Tower in New York City. In Read More …

Can you tell if I’m Haitian or Dominican?

(Newark, NJ) – Thousands of Haitian face being deported today in the Dominican Republic, the latest of the many problems between the two countries. All undocumented workers in the island had till Wednesday to present all the necessary documents and register their presences in the country. There is an estimate of over 500k immigrants in Read More …