A single that takes you places ( Forastero ) – Mr Paradise

June 15, 2015
Jorge Ruiz

A single that takes you places ( Forastero ) – Mr Paradise

(Newark, NJ) ” Forastero” a spanish word referring to strangers or foreigners that walk the streets of unknown locations or countries. Making the title of the newest single released by Angel Batista better known as Mr Paradise on June 13, 2015. As as result of hard work and dedication the single has taken the east coast by storm and placing the Flamenco Urbano ( Urban Flamenco ) on the map. 

Mr. Paradise has been in the industry since he was 15 years old and the imaginary fans that he would once fall asleep to are now reality. Angel has dedicated his career to the industry so he can tell stories through music and art that many would consider lost. Stories that cannot be told by their protagonists, stories that are amazing, yet oppressed. Stories that show how much we can  relate to one another rather than differ. His lyric allow him to listen to himself as if there was someone at the other side listening to every letter composing each word. As a result, he aims to be able to change someones life after hearing this song.

Forastero is a song dedicated to all the travelers around the world, who end up in new places different from  their place of origin, even when they are not welcomed. This song explores the emotion between the melancholy of leaving home and the happiness of finding a new one. It’s a homesickness shock, the finding of ones identity and moving forward with it. More than an immigrant song, Forastero is about the nostalgic feeling of letting go, interrupted by the epiphany of starting over. Emphasizing that its neither right or wrong to look for change, leave and come back until we all find inner stability.

Flamenco urbano emerges from a mixture of latin hip hop and a hint of the melodies, chords and flows of flamenco. Mr Paradise feels connect to the genres due to his up bring in Spain. It allows him to travel back in time and hears the guitar and cajon  in the streets of Madrid. 

Traveling allows us to open a different chapter in our lives and this single brings us that closer to a place we have not reached. Allow yourself to see new mountains, clouds, rain drops, air and you will find yourself in the journey.

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