Suge Knight refuses to attend court hearing after claiming to be ill

Former rap mogul Marion “Suge” Knight refused to exit his jail cell for a scheduled court hearing Wednesday, claiming he was sick, court officials said.

Knight was a no-show for the downtown Los Angeles hearing related to charges that he and comedian Micah “Katt” Williams face for allegedly robbing a photographer last year in Beverly Hills, court officials said.

Knight said he was ill and refused to be transported to court, officials said.

Citing illness, Suge Knight refuses to leave cell for court

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Ronald Coen postponed the hearing until Friday. If Knight refuses to appear again, Cohen will order deputies to extract him from his cell, court officials said.

Knight is being held on $10-million bail on charges of murder and attempted murder for allegedly running over two men with a truck at a Compton restaurant earlier this year. Terry Carter died and Cle “Bone” Sloan was seriously injured.

This isn’t the first time Knight has claimed to be ill before a court hearing.

Knight’s pains began soon after he was charged with murder.

it appears that beneath all the tough guy bluster Mr Knight is nothing more than your usual coward/bully………
AT 11:52 AM MAY 28, 2015

Knight has repeatedly complained of stomach issues and an ongoing medical complication after being shot multiple times last year at a West Hollywood nightclub.

In February, he collapsed and was hospitalized twice during two appearances. He was taken to the hospital for stomach-related medical issues and an unspecified emergency.

The following month, Knight’s left shoulder was twitching and he appeared to tense up before collapsing again after his bail in the murder and attempted murder case was set at $25 million.

Suge Knight
At the time, Deputy Dist. Atty. Cynthia J. Barnes said she believed Knight “did it in front of the cameras.”

Then, at an April 8 hearing, he was wheeled into the courtroom on a stretcher-type chair.

On April 16, Knight was taken to a hospital for another “medical emergency” after he was ordered to stand trial.